Heat Exchanger gaskets (shell & Tube)

The Triad name has been synonymous with heat exchanger gaskets of unexcelled quality and precision. Whether your operating conditions are -300'F or +2000'F, Triad has the equipment, knowledge and stock

material ideal for your application. Any rib configuration can be produced accurately and economically.

Heat Exchanger gaskets (Air Cooled)

Triad fabricates plugs, washers and gaskets made to fit accurately, seal perfectly and provide long, dependable service. Solid metal or metal clad gaskets in almost any size, shape, style and material can be fabricated for removable cover box gaskets.

Non-Metallic Gaskets

Regardless of the size, shape or style you require, Triad gaskets are made to fit accurately, seal perfectly and provide long dependable service. A non-metallic material can be selected from a large inventory of rubber, sponge, compressed sheet, fiber sheet and flexible graphite to name a few.



Laser cuts are extremely precise and fast as compared to more conventional cutting machines. Heat distortion is not normally a problem since the area subjected to heat is very small. Laser's require less secondary operations than the more conventional cutting machines.




Triad's plasma cutting machines cuts steel and other electrically conductive metals quickly and precisely. Typically materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, stainless, aluminum, brass and copper.


Waterjets can cut materials that other cutting machines can't. Reflective metals, rubber, plastic, glass, ceramic and stone products can easily be cut with a waterjet. The parts produced have no heat distortion and clean edges thus require less secondary operations. Triad's machines can hold very close tolerances.






Triad's computer controlled machining centers create parts with accuracy, repeatability and precise surface finishes. Most economically, efficient and effective method of machining metal or other materials. Machining centers offer top value and quality for our customers.





State-of-the-art equipment, in a modern 30,000 square feet facility, enables Triad to manufacture a wide variety of high quality products. Continual quality control monitoring generates the reliability and consistency essential to meeting the requirements of our customers.






Triad has the equipment and experienced personal to fabricate your architectural and ornamental requirements regardless of the compexity and size. Doors, gates, stairs, railings, signs and art figures are a few of the products we produce on a regular basis. Our computerized equipment cuts iron, glass, copper, stainless, aluminum and other materials accurately and economically.